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Straight slots give the strength

In general, straight machine is the slot set that has its own jackpot type. It means that this happiness that is considered to be a jackpot is permanent; it doesn't change during the particular game. If the player has managed to have the same three symbols on the reel, that's it, he is a winner. But don't forget that there must be fixed combinations of symbols, everything isn't so simple.

The straight slots kinds:

  • Wildcard

At this machine game you have more chances to have a thick payout. In general this is a slot symbol that replaces the other symbols that need to be during the slot games.

  • The multiplier

We can guess from its name that it doubles the certain amount of sum that you are going to win. What it must have - just the reels with exact symbols. Usually it multiplies doubly or it even can multiply the prize 5 times.

  • Bonus Multiplier

It has the same mechanism that in the simple multiplier slots machines - you meet a symbol on the reels that can double your win. But you have more chances while putting there more coins. The number of extra coins can be limited if you want to play slots machines in such way.

  • Multiple Paylines

In this slot type you can have not only one line on which you bet in order to have higher chances to win. Their amount can even be more than 20, they are different and plus you have to do the separate bets on them.

  • Buy A Pay

Here you will meet not one payout table, there can be lots of them, but the trick is that you have to give extra money in order to bet on every payout place. You will spend more coins, but you will have a possibility to have higher chances to be a winner and to get a prize. The gambler has to be very attentive, because there are special combinations of symbols on each payout table.

So, where is the strong point?

In general these are the main types of the straight machines, but as always it can include different slot games, for example single line slots and bonus slots. You can also once hear that such machines are called as flat rate slots, so don't be surprised, the question is about the same slot type.So, are you already aware about the strength of these slot machines secrets? First of all, it's their simplicity in playing and also doublings in winnings. The excitement is rising, isn't it?