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Who wants to turn the reel type slots?

The connoisseurs of the old-school things will be attracted by this slot type most of all, because while playing this slot game, the visitor will feel himself back in the 19th century. At that time the earliest and the first slot machine was invented, Liberty Bell. And even don't say that you don't remember the name of its creator! This name must resound in your head every time, when you seat near the reel type slots machine, and it is Charles Fey. But this is a little bit another article, nevertheless here these terms and names are really related.

So, you are going to play slots machines, and approach exactly to the reel one. And now you are somewhat confused to which one to go, if there are three of them:

  • 3 reel slots
  • 5 reel slots
  • 7 reel slots

What is the differentiation between them and where is it more comfortable, easier and lucrative? Let's criticize them!

The spirit of the past: 3 reel type slots

This is an exact pattern to the origin Liberty Bell, that's why they are the most popular between the experienced gamblers. The only differentiation that this replica we can use wherever we are, because there are online versions of this beasts! This slot type can also vary, while concerning the payouts, because in such machines they can differ, producing more percentage of payouts. The bets of gamblers in the one spin may have also variations, thus the jackpot doesn't stand on the same place, and grows or shrinks. Here the only thing that the visitor must know - the slot terms, so be competent as soon as you come to hit the jackpot. You have to be aware of the amount of payouts on the paytable and then start your slot game. Try to use the wild symbols and afterwards you will receive your money with the speed of lightening!

Intermediate machine: 5 reel type

You can hear also the other nicknames of this reel type - Pokies Machines or just Pokies, so don't be confused, the question is about the same machine. This is the favorite among the slot games in the US, maybe because everybody wants to track down this beast, but only the best can accomplish it. Frankly speaking, the player is paid back approximately 95% in the long run, so there are not so many high-spirited players who would play in such tournaments, especially online ones. That percentage may come to you, but nothing more. But here you will encounter the advantage - you can find more frequently the 3 or 5 combinations of the winning symbols.

Who wants to conquer it? 7 reel type slots

The development is enormous, at first - 3, then 5, and now we can find even 7 reels in the slot type! Are you afraid? Don't be, it's not so complicated that it seems for the first time. Player has more opportunities - he can decide from where his bets can move. High rollers master 90% per one turning the machine. The best way to enjoy it is to play in the online casino, especially in the comp tournaments. The payouts are higher than in the other reels machines, so the eyes are burning in each gambler.

If Charles Fey had been aware of such progress that beard from his dear Liberty Bell he would have been the happiest and consoled inventor ever met. So, let's joy a little bit for him and for our jackpots that will come for sure and of course will change our lives!