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Slot machine secrets and myths are revealed!

It is said that if there is no rumors about one person it means that he is not alive. Yeah, it's true from the birthday of Earth everybody likes to misinterpret the truth, add something from his or her point of view and then it circulates in the same way. The same happens also with the gambling games, especially with the slot machines.

One experienced gambler can say

"Look, I have revealed the secret how it works and I will be the millionaire"

and keeps on telling his fake imagination

The other can support him and announce

"The secrets are no more the riddles to discern, you have to do…"

and etc. the only truth here, that before you sit in front of the one-armed bandit you have to get known the mechanism of this slot games, the rules and the peculiarities. There are lots of them and everybody wants to be that winner, that one who can overcome it.

Let's see the general myths and slot machine secrets that must be discerned in order not to be defrauded!

Misconceptions of the slots games

  • As soon as you leave the machine on which you have been playing for a long time, the other gambler will hit the jackpot for sure.

This is so ridiculous! But this delusion is the most expanded in the world. Such slot terms as Random Number Generator controls and owns everything. It works even if the machine is not played, so the figures are still circulating. It doesn't depend on the amount of attempts it has been used.

  • You can guess your chances of winnings if you count the amount of symbols on the slots reels.

Not true. There is the virtual slot reel that decides the destiny of the actual reel, which always mixes your odds to win. RNG controls the number of each turn that matches to the symbols of each reel when you play slot machines.

  • Hot coins are more likely to bring you the jackpot.

It's funny, but not true! The temperature of the money you are going to bet has nothing to do with the returned payouts. As well as the denomination of the coins that you are going to trigger also doesn't mean that later with the risen coins you are going to hit something.

  • There are more chances to hit the jackpot on weekends

Ah, these fairy tales are so amusing! As it has been already said, everything is decided by the man owner of the slots machine - RNG. Slot chances are always the same and on Monday, Tuesday you have the equal odds.

  • As soon as you use the club card, the payouts are decreased automatically

Lie. This is the main misconception among the players. The slots card reader doesn't impact on the work of the RNG. The casinos don't add the smaller winnings and for sure makes doesn't report the results to the IRS. Your taxes liability doesn't influence anywhere.

The unreasonable beliefs are always present. We have just to fell every time where is true and where is this fake confusion. Take the distance between these myths; don't rely on some avid gamblers with so-called ling experience. Everybody wants to hit the greatest jackpot, but it doesn't mean that we have to become the liars that must mislead the other visitors. We have to understand the inside mechanism of the slot type and rely only on our own feelings.