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Charles Fey - the inventor of our fortune

Once a time, in San Francisco, not significant person, who really knew the deal with machines, wanted to create something unforgettable and also worth thing in the lives of people, because the doctors said that only few years was left for him due to the destructive disease of TB. But he not only managed to outcome the death, but also did himself an everlasting person with the most important track in the world of slot games. His name was Charles Fey.

The strength of the idea

How did this slot machines history begin? In the late 1887 or in several sources it is written that it was in 1895, Fey created the earliest slot machine, which was called the Liberty Bell. Instead of this chronological contradiction, it had fame in 100%. Everybody was curious about such one-armed bandit, which sometimes took away money, but also as a "good policeman" gave presents to those who were going to play slots machine. But, let's relate the facts as they actually happened.

The origin of Charles Fey Liberty Bell

So how did it work? This beast had three turning reels, which were decorated with the symbols of spades, diamonds, hearts and a liberty bell. Because of this symbol the slot machine had its patriotic name; even in this small detail we see how honest and patriotic was the father of this creature, Charles Fey. When the gambler managed to have these three symbols at reels, he was lucky and could receive the greatest payoff. Everything was good enough to become illustrious and famous, but Charles Fey was the perfectionist who wanted very much to improve this machine to the automatic ways. So what were the problems with this slot type?

  • Gamblers had to pull the lever, not the button in order to start playing.
  • The players could throw the fake coins and the machine couldn't recognize it.
  • During the long period of time it was prohibited to play for money, that's why the gamblers received free food and drinks.
  • And these slot machines required the permanent assistant who had to bring these presents.
  • Plus the machine for the first time was iron, that's why it was very difficult to spread it throughout the world.

The evolution of Liberty Bell

Everybody was embarrassed because of this machine. All the players throughout the world wanted to try it at least one time, so the demand was enormous. Charles Fey as the genuine father of this brainchild didn't want to sell the rights for it, but he gave this slot machine in rent, and received 50% of its income. He didn't stop to develop it, so the first thing that he did was the lightening up the machine. It became wooden, decorated and bright to tempt the visitors in bars, cafes and then in casinos. That's why these one-armed bandits were located near the entrance every time. And plus he invented the check separator which recognized the fake coins.

Do you want to try it?

You really can! Just visit the Liberty Bell Saloon in Reno, Nevada. In this so-called museum you can see it, touch it, and who knows, maybe you will try it! There are more than 200 hundreds of the mechanical machines, you will be surely surprised of the originality and daintiness of these slot machines that are considered to be ancestors of the modern beasts that we have now. Enjoy it!