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In search of treasure: Pirates slots

For the fancier of real adventures, risk and edgy feelings the pirates' slots are the best choice. While playing you will feel yourself as on board of the huge ship, but to select which one you will lead - the pirates or the liberator one - is the deal of your imagination. In any case you have to receive a prize!

It's time to be a pirate!

Imagine 20 pay lines on the huge video screen of the slot type, which also includes 5 reels. There are lots of pirate symbols that make this slot game profuse and exciting. Let's examine them:

  • Chest
  • Map
  • Compass
  • Sword
  • Wine
  • Pirate flag
  • Pirate hat
  • Pirate's hook
  • Scattered ship
  • Wild gun
  • Bonus

These fantastic symbols help you during the game, and the background's map indicatesthe route to the main goal - the pirate's bounty. Be ready to seize it at once when you see it! Don't spare your coins, because you can manage to meet the symbol of Treasure Chest, and if you encounter them on the whole reel, so put your wraps and prepare the pockets for the jackpot! If the spinning reel doesn't want to present you the same symbols on one line, the gun symbol will help you at last to overcome this unfairness. In order to have gratis spins, you need to meet the ship which is considered to be scatter symbol in slot games.

Treasure slots of pirates

Here you have 9 pay lines and 5 reels, but the object is the same - to encounter as much as possible multiplayer, wilds of peg-legged pirates and scatters of pirate ships and watch yourself - you are a lucky guy! You can only spare the maximum of 10 bucks but you'll have a jackpot of much more coins that you have bet. Even if you get the 2 scatter or wild symbols, you can double your winnings even in 100 times! Are you imagining right now yourself in the Canarias?

Don't be afraid of ghost pirates!

They are not bad, not threatening; they can also give you presents in the form of free spins and multipliers, so don't avoid them! You will have up to 243 ways to win with the help of the other new buttons. In order to have the whole winning combination of Treasure Chest, the symbol of the Ghost Pirate can help you, it's considered to be wild. A minimum of the three symbols of Treasure Chest, you can have the free spin round, like a bonus.

I think that now, you are anxious about all these pirates' symbols and really want to fall to the craziness of the world beyond the grave. No? But if I say that such slot games have feature of Skill Slot and plus the Auto play function? Good, you are already there!