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What is the best of slot type? Slot machines variations

At the very beginning we can answer this question - the best is the first! Yeah, the Liberty bell is really a beauty in the rows of the variations of the slots machines, maybe because it was an exclusive brainchild and nothing can relieve it. But everything is developing for the sake of our comfort and interest, that's why everybody can select the slot machine and the type according to each preferable choice.

When you come first to the casino, bar or cafe where you see the one-armed bandit, you usually don't pay much attention to the differentiations between them. One is clear - they are all decorated in a bright way: huge, tempting machines that can double your wallet. But in spite of this appearance thing, there is a real distinction between these slot games and even the one type can have different kinds.

Maybe in many sources you will find out not the same list of types, but today we'll speak about:

  • Straight slots\ Progressive slots\ Reel type slots\ Video slots

Straight slots

The main peculiarity is that the jackpot is permanent, but due to the other subtypes it doubles the main winnings. The kinds are:

  • Wildcard
  • Multiplier
  • Bonus Multiplier
  • Multiple Paylines
  • Buy A Pay

In general they are the same, but a little variation is still present between these slots. The simplicity in playing is also a huge plus.

Reel type slots

These slots machines are considered to be the most sophisticated old-school replicas of the origin Liberty Bell. They really resemble the ancient creature of Charles Fey, but still have some improvements. You can find:

  • 3 reel slots
  • 5 reel slots
  • 7 reel slots

The difference between them is visible - in the number of reels. And don't suppose that the biggest amount of these reels can really influence on the level of game. Chances decide everything.

Progressive Slots

In this slot type the jackpot can vary, it rises every time with the made bet. The subtypes are:

  • The Stand Alone Progressive Machines
  • In- House or Proprietary Progressives
  • Wide Area Progressive Slots Machines

The main peculiarity in this slot game is that the gambler can win more, not only because of his thrown coins but also from the bets of the other visitors. The percentage is growing, everybody stays pleased.


Video slots

This one is the most visited by the gamblers, because it is rather new invention when you can play slots machines even not pushing the button in real. Here you will be impressed by the huge video screen, its graphics and brightness. Nobody stays aside this. In fact, video slots can have the same variations and subtypes as the other slot types, but the only difference is that you won't feel any lever, there is virtual reel and bigger number of lines, moreover the number of symbols is not determined. But the chances are high and it's worth playing.

So you see this huge number of different slot games to choose, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Maybe if in the first machine pattern the odds are not so high, you it's still possible to have extra awards. Or in the other case, the final jackpot is the highest, but to conquer it is the main and very sophisticated problem that the real gambler can have. So, opt among the brightness, simplicity, doubled winnings and ancient spirit of Liberty Bell. But be sure, that in spite of the type you will have real fun!

Playing different types of online slots games

Millions of online gamblers take to the internet every month in search of the latest entertainment in online slots games. These games have become one of the cornerstones of the online casino industry. The reason for this might be that slots games were traditionally associated with the glitz and the glamour of land based casinos in the past. Its popularity has been successfully carried over to its digital version and its many fans continue to play it in the hopes of striking it rich.

The slots games’ incredibly user friendly, easy to understand and interactive interfaces and rules have definitely also impacted on its popularity. There are different versions of the popular game available for players to choose from. One of the most popular versions is progressive slots. With progressive slots, the slots machines are all connected to a network. Players who play on these machines all contribute to its jackpot. This happens by a percentage of all the money played on progressive slots machines being added to the pool that make up the progressive jackpot. This is the reason why progressive slots are always able to offer some of the highest jackpots in online casinos. However, it is much more difficult for players to hit the progressive jackpots.