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The mechanism of the slot machines

Our world is developing every day, our life is changing every hour and the evolution doesn't seat behind the door, it waits when to show us great development of technological dimension. We haven't used the first slot machine which has the name Liberty Bell, but maybe when we try it, we'll see what is better - the earliest slot device or the contemporary pattern, which always surprises us with its ingenuity.

Yeah, that's good that no longer have the gamblers to pull the lever; the assistant doesn't come to bring us candies for our win, everything has become exactly like Charles fey was dreaming while starting the slot machines history - automatic and easy. But maybe not everything is so good? Let's reveal how slot machines work.

Let's find what is in this slot machine

RNG -is a strange abbreviation that is also the main thing that has done the slot machines automatic and knows all the slot machines secrets. It is a Random Number Generator. Do you think that this is a destiny or a fortune when we pull the button, observing the symbols and praying to be a winner? It is disappointment, but no. These are figures that we have to thank or to hate; they, while spinning decide our fate. And they do it anyhow, in a random way. This is all the mechanism! And all these bright symbols, funny exterior view of the slot machines are an imitation. Each number has its combination of symbols that appears when the reels stop. During the whole time when the slot machine is turned on, it provides such figures almost every millisecond. So, the mechanism controls the reels:

What you do

What machines do

You put the coin into the slot

The mechanism that randomly produces numbers to the RNG

You are observing the reeling symbols

They give the parody with their symbols that it's destiny

You are waiting for the result

The slot game has already decided a long time ago!

You look whether you are a winner or a looser

The symbols given only show the number chosen by the RNG

So, isn't it a miracle? Joking, but opening the eyes especially to the addicted persons is the good task to cope with. It's a machine and we have always to remember this, it's not a living one-armed bandit, it's a fake mechanism!

But nevertheless there are so many persons who have already overcome this beast, who may have revealed its sophisticated secrets and continue enjoying best slot games. Forget about all the written and keep on believing in miracles!