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Gambling to Win: Casino Games with the Best and Worst Odds

Just like life, casino gambling has no guarantees and if you are an amateur, every game you bet on and play will seem to have all its odds stacked against you.  The truth is that every casino game is designed to have winners and losers, as without losers, there wouldn’t be winning.  If your objective in playing casino games is driven by the desire to win cash, then you will need to know which games have the most favorable odds and which ones you should probably stay away from.  When it comes to online pokies, for example, we like to play here where there are over 200 pokies. Check out the list below to know where your favorite casino game falls.


Games with Best Odds: Go to Tables

a) Blackjack: By far, Blackjack offers the greatest odds of winning with just 1% house edge in most casinos today.  Playing blackjack is playing against the dealer, and it is easy to learn.  As long as you understand the gameplay, you can be playing blackjack and winning the same night you debut your love for gambling.

b) Roulette: The roulette wheel is another game where your luck is the greatest asset in gameplay.  The game itself is simple, fun and plays well, and sticking to betting on either Reds or Blacks increases the odds of winning to 50-50.  Just play a number if you feel lucky, and see where your luck lies.

c) Craps: This is a dice game with average 50-50 odds of winning.  Although the craps tables can be very intimidating for those who are not used to them, gameplay is not complicated as all the player does is bet on a dice roll. Try Roulette77 for fun and experience the thrill.

Casino Games to Stay Away From

a) Slots: Slots are among the most popular casino games – both in real world and in online gaming.  However, most players do not realize that this is one of the games they are most likely to lose money.  Easy to play and seemingly dependent on luck, slots shouldn’t be a gambler’s first choice.

b) Big Six Wheel:  This old carnival game like a wheel of fortunes is among the games with the highest house edges at between 10 and 25% depending on what number the player bets on.  If you do not understand how the wheel works, it is best not to put any money in it.

c) Baccarat Tie Bet:  Baccarat Player and Baccarat Banker games are among the best casino games with the best odds, but the Tie Bet is a different story altogether.  With a high house edge of over 14%, players looking to win should not bank on this game.